Kenyan Gov. Clamps Down on Worldcoin

  • The Kenyan government has suspended the local activities of Worldcoin, a digital identity project, citing concerns for the safety of Kenyans.
  • Kenya becomes the first country to suspend Worldcoin’s operations, while others have initiated investigations into the project.
  • The suspension will remain in place pending further investigation by relevant security, financial services, and data protection agencies.
  • Worldcoin is a digital identification platform that uses iris-scanning technology to verify the identity of individuals globally.
  • Participants receive 25 Worldcoin tokens (WLD) in exchange for their data, which has gained acceptance in Kenya due to its value relative to low-wage earners’ monthly pay.
  • Worldcoin has not yet responded officially to the government’s decision but has previously stated its intention to comply with local laws and regulations.
  • The suspension in Kenya is a setback for Worldcoin’s plans to expand its operations to other countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
  • The WLD token was trading at $2.39 at the time of writing, and the impact of the suspension on the token’s price remains to be seen.


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