Crypto Giant HashKey Group’s Bold Move: $100 Million Altcoin Fund in Hong Kong’s Thriving Market!

HashKey Group’s most recent projects:

  • HashKey Group got a license to trade cryptocurrencies because Hong Kong is friendly to cryptocurrencies.
  • HashKey Group’s HashKey Exchange just started letting regular people trade cryptocurrencies.
  • By the end of the year, the market hopes to have between 500,000 and 1 million registered users.

The Altcoin Fund of HashKey Capital:

  • HashKey Capital, the investment part of HashKey Group, is launching a crypto fund for the second market.
    tries to get $100 million over the next year.
  • Invests less than half of its money in Bitcoin and Ethereum and more than half in other cryptocurrencies.
  • Aimed at buyers with a lot of money and Asian family offices.

The Crypto-Friendly Environment of Hong Kong:

  • The government of Hong Kong supports both local and foreign players to join the crypto and Web3 ecosystem.
  • HashKey Exchange was the first business in the city to get a license to trade cryptocurrencies under the new rules.

Good News for the Crypto Market:

  • The boss of Jupiter Zheng Jialiang’s portfolio thinks that the crypto market is getting close to a bottom.
  • Expects that liquidity will get better as the US rate rises and more asset managers apply for spot Bitcoin ETFs.
  • Sees unmet demand from professional buyers who want to make more money in crypto than the market average.
  • HashKey Group’s bold moves in Hong Kong’s booming crypto market are making waves, and their new move into altcoins is going to shake up the investment world!

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