Crypto Losses and Hacks in August 2023

  • Ivan Bianco, a famous YouTuber who posts about blockchain games, lost about $60,000 worth of cryptocurrencies during a live stream.
    During the stream, he accidentally gave away his secret keys, which made his crypto wallets public.
    Bianco asked his crowd for help, called the police, and lost around $60 million in NFTs and other cryptocurrencies.

Things that were stolen:

  • Someone named “Ivan” took Bianco’s crypto assets and later gave him back $50,000.
    Bianco decided not to tell anyone who Ivan was, and he is still trying to get the leftover $10,000 back.
  • How important safety measures are:
  • Bianco keeps a record of what happened so that it can serve as a warning and show how important it is to keep secret cryptographic keys safe.

Hacks in the Crypto Industry in August:

  • Due to hacks and exploits, the crypto business lost around $24 million in August.
    Immunfi released a study that said $23.4 million was stolen or lost in hacks and other scams during the month.
    Notably, all of the attacks were aimed at decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and had no effect on financial companies that are run by a central authority.

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