Lufthansa Group’s Revolutionary NFT Loyalty Program: Unlock Exclusive Rewards with Blockchain Trading Cards!

  • Lufthansa Group’s NFT Loyalty Program: Lufthansa Group introduces a groundbreaking NFT-based loyalty program called Uptrip, available across all its airlines.
  • Digital Trading Cards for Benefits: Eligible customers can earn blockchain-based digital trading cards linked to destinations, aircraft, and holidays, unlocking perks like in-flight Wi-Fi, lounge access, and airline miles.
  • Extensive Collection: Over 400 trading cards and 20+ collections offer rewards worth up to €3000 per user, creating a thrilling incentive for travelers.
  • Built on Ethereum’s Polygon: Uptrip is powered by the Ethereum scaling network Polygon, known for its faster and more cost-effective transactions compared to the Ethereum mainnet.
  • Massive User Base: With approximately 36 million members in Lufthansa Group’s Miles and More loyalty program, Uptrip has the potential to introduce blockchain technology to a vast audience.
  • Polygon’s Appeal: Polygon’s efficiency has attracted big names like Starbucks, Nike, McDonald’s, Reddit, and Coca-Cola, all exploring blockchain-based initiatives.
  • Travel Industry’s Blockchain Adoption: Legacy travel companies are turning to blockchain for decentralization and tokenization to enhance customer experiences and address industry challenges.
  • Global Tourism Impact: The global travel and tourism industry, valued at $5.8 billion in 2021, demands secure data handling, making blockchain adoption a logical step for airlines.


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