Argentina Record Daily Worldcoin Sign-Up Beats Expectations

  • The number of people signing up for Worldcoin’s World ID project has grown quickly around the world.
  • Even though the project has been criticized, it has done better than expected since it began on July 25.
  • In August, a high number of 9,500 people in Argentina signed up for Worldcoin in a single day.
  • On that record day, people signed up for the project on average every nine seconds.
  • There are operators in 38 places in Argentina who help make Worldcoin a success.
  • Concerns have been made about how centralized the project is and how user biometric data could get out.
  • Even though the project has been criticized, there is a lot of desire for World ID verifications around the world.
  • Argentina has shown a lot of interest, and the game has made it to the top of the game Store charts.
  • In answer to complaints, the Argentine government is looking into how Worldcoin handles its users’ privacy.
  • Worldcoin has been shut down in Kenya, but the team says they are following all laws and rules about collecting and sending personal data.


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