POG Digital NFTs to Launch on Ethereum Network

After successfully launching the Solana ecosystem a year ago, authentic 90’s gaming and collectibles firm POG Digital NFTs is getting ready to launch on the Ethereum blockchain, the largest DeFi ecosystem.

POG Digital claims (1) that the minting of NFTs on the Ethereum platform will begin on April 6 with a quantity of 4,444 units.

This information comes from POG Digital. During tomorrow’s mint, an approximate floor price of 0.049 ETH is anticipated for the POG NFTs that will be issued on the Ethereum network.

Miners of POG NFT can check on the company’s official website to see which wave they are eligible for by using the waitlist that has already been published.

It is important to note that the first wave includes 2,700 ETH addresses and will permit the minting of a maximum of 2 POGs. The first wave is expected to start at nine in the morning Pacific Standard Time (PST) and last until eleven in the morning.

On the Ethereum network, the new wave of POG NFT mints includes more than 600 Ether addresses. In an analogous manner, the second wave will permit a maximum of two POG NFT mints and is slated to begin at eleven in the morning Pacific Standard Time and terminate at one in the afternoon PST.

Minters interested in POG NFT who miss out on both waves can wait for the public mint, which has a limitless supply.

POG NFT plans to develop a marketplace on its official website, which will enable the items to be traded in a streamlined manner. This will be done in collaboration with Origin Stories.


POG Digital on the Ethereum Platform

The first ever Pog Collection to be held on Ethereum will have as its primary objective the reintegration of all Millennial NFT Collectors into the Pog Ecosystem.

Each of the more than 800 available qualities will help distinguish one Pog from the next within a Series 1 Set, which will include 9 Basic Pogs and 2 Slammers. It is important to note that Slammers, Hidden Rare, and Rare Pogs will all be included in this collection.

As a direct consequence of this, the Common Pogs will be made available for purchase as part of a subsequent collection, and the company will continue to make preparations for the launch of the Play for Keeps Game on Ethereum later this year.

POG Digital expects to collect more traffic than Solana as a result of the widespread recognition of the Ethereum environment as the pinnacle of the decentralized financial ecosystem.

The founder of POGs NFT, Kyler Frisbee, made the observation that now that they are moving to Ethereum, it does feel like they are “sort of stepping up to the major leagues.”

Notably, Moonshine Labs and POG Digital have formed a partnership to create an Ethereum-based version of the popular Stack and Slam game. The Stack and Slam game was originally developed for the Solana network and is scheduled to be made available to users of the Ethereum network by the end of this year, along with a number of additional on-chain games that are now under development.

In the 1990s, POG games were so popular that more than 100 million millennials played them, leading to the sale of more than 10 billion authentic POG pieces by official merchants in over 30 countries.

At the time of writing this article, Ethereum was exchanging hands at $ 1894.22, up 1.13% from the close of the last day.

Ethereum chart from investing.com (1.1)

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