Food Giant Maggi Is Now Offering Digital Collectibles Through the OneRare Foodverse Platform

One of the co-founders of OneRare foodverse shared his excitement about his company’s new partnership with Maggi.

Maggi, a well-known seasoning brand worldwide, is preparing to introduce its first digital collectible in the OneRare Foodverse.

Maggi’s launch date couldn’t have been picked at a more advantageous time. NFTs have begun to show signs of improvement in 2023, following a tumultuous year (2022).

As per press release (1), Maggi will release recipes produced with Maggi Noodles, Masala-ae-Magic, and MAGGI Hot & Sweet as Digital Collectibles that can be used in the Foodverse.

Companies like Maggi can develop virtual food experiences that can be enjoyed by a global audience thanks to the Foodverse, which is aimed to bring the global food and beverage industry to the blockchain.

Co-creator of the company OneRare. According to Gaurav Gupta, the platform is one of a kind and allows end-consumers to try many different types of food.

Rajat Jain, who is in charge of the Foods Business at Nestle India, stated that the team is ecstatic to launch its first NFT with OneRare. Jain said:

“We provide people with a holistic cooking experience that is aimed to bring alive the pleasure that people gain from the process of cooking,”

One of the co-founders of OneRare, Supreet Raju, recently gave an interview in which he discussed the cooperation and expressed his excitement at the prospect of working with Maggi. Rahju said:

This game-changing action exemplifies the possibility that blockchain technology has to revolutionize the food and beverage business completely.


Giant Strides is a product of OneRare Foodverse

OneRare has expanded its operations to several new nations since it opened its first full-service food metaverse in India in November 2021.

These nations include the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Also, it has been forming partnerships with various businesses in the food and beverage industry.

It has already formed business relationships with establishments such as Cali Poke, Farzi Café, Foodlink UAE, Papa John’s, and The Bhukkad Cafe, among others.

Most recently, OneRare Foodverse partnered with IndiaFoodlink, the most important food and beverage delivery company in India. As a result of the cooperation, OneRare will introduce four new NFTs to its dining establishments.

It is evident that OneRare possesses a unique proposition, which many people in the food and beverage business are buying into.

In addition to this, the company is making it possible for food companies to use blockchain technology to expand their customer base and attract new customers.

Raju, the co-founder of OneRare, believes that in the not-too-distant future, it will be feasible for users to trade NFTs for actual meals, thus bridging the gap between phydigital and digital goods. Also, the company intends to raise funds in the fight against hunger worldwide.

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