The Celo Foundation and Google Cloud Partner to Create Sustainable Web3 Startups

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An intriguing new development is that the Celo Foundation has partnered with Google Cloud services. The purpose of this partnership is to encourage initiatives inside the Celo blockchain ecosystem and advance the mass adoption of Google Cloud services.

As a result of this partnership, startup owners who choose to build their products on Celo will have access to credits that can be applied toward the use of Google Cloud and Firebase.

As a result, it would contribute to improving Celo’s mobile-first infrastructure in conjunction with decentralized apps (dApps).

Firebase is a web-based development platform developed by Google that provides developers with various tools and services to create applications. This comprises cloud storage, authentication, messaging systems, and real-time database systems.

According to the statement, the team from Google Cloud will provide mentoring and support to the founders participating in the Residence program organized by the Celo Foundation.

In addition, the Google team members will participate in the online version of the Celo Camp accelerator program, which assists business owners in forming businesses with an emphasis on sustainability.

In addition, both of these organizations will collaborate in organizing events and workshops centered on Web 3 innovation and environmental responsibility.

Xochitl Cazador, the leader of ecosystem growth at the Celo Foundation, offered the following commentary (1) in response to the recent development:

“This new, expanded cooperation between Google and the Celo Foundation strengthens the opportunity to cooperatively develop a larger understanding of blockchain and its capacity to scale genuine use cases on Celo,” said Google.

The core team working on Google Cloud will also support the Celo Foundation by participating in joint hackathons, seminars, and other activities focusing on the convergence of Web3 and sustainability.

The purpose of the agreement is to magnify further the opinion held by both groups that blockchain technology is best adapted to address environmental issues.


Tackling Some of the Most Important Obstacles Facing Entrepreneurs With an Emphasis on Sustainability

Cazador noted that both Google Cloud and Celo would be tackling the primary difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs focused on sustainability and are a part of the Celo Network.

These new businesses must also contend with significant obstacles, such as “very sophisticated boarding process, complex interfaces, and unknown transaction fee currencies.”

Yet Celo and Google will relieve the load on new projects by making it possible for ecosystem builders to take on the most significant problems in terms of sustainability that exist today and in the future. Celo has already reached carbon negativity thanks to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm it uses.

In addition, it has become widely acknowledged within the Web3 community as a pioneer in regenerative finance (ReFi).

More than a thousand projects from over hundred and fifty countries are hosted on the Celo blockchain network.

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