CoinList Announces Community Sale Support for Chainflip (FLIP)

  • Chainflip, a decentralized network facilitating value transfer between different blockchains, will conduct a public sale of its FLIP governance tokens on CoinList Launchpad.
  • The FLIP token sale on CoinList is set to begin on August 31, 2023, with 4.5 million FLIP tokens available at a starting price of $1.83.
  • Registered CoinList users can participate, and the registration is expected to close by August 28.
  • During the public sale, each user can buy tokens with a limit ranging from $100 to $4,000, and buyers will have a lockup period until the mainnet launch on October 24.
  • ChainFlip uses Just-in-Time (JIT) Automated Market Maker (AMM) technology to enable seamless crypto swaps between chains without token wrapping.
  • The project aims to provide secure cross-chain solutions and has deployed 150 validators per vault to support multi-chain assets and parallel signing ceremonies.
  • ChainFlip is backed by prominent venture capital firms, including Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, AU21 Capital, and Parafi Capital.
  • The ecosystem is powered by FLIP tokens with a maximum supply of 90 million, used as collateral for Validator auctions and liquidity provision on the decentralized exchange.
  • After the mainnet launch, Chainflip plans to introduce swapping and liquidity provider functionality, initially supporting assets like Ether, Bitcoin, and DOT, with more additions planned for the future.


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