DeFiLama Staff Engage in a War-Of-Words Over Launch of LLAMA Token

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The staff of the decentralized economic analytics tool, DefiLlama, are now engaged in a dispute. An employee who only identified themselves as 0xngmi stated that the founders of the company were going to issue a LLAMA token without even requesting employee endorsement for the initiative.

0xngmi and a few other developers have distanced themselves from the projected launch after the former developer compared the effort to a “hostile takeover.”

As a consequence, the group of blockchain data platform engineers was forced to fork a new version of the platform. 0xngmi wrote the following in part in a Twitter (1) thread on March 19:

“An effort is being made to launch a coin that does not reflect us, and it is now ongoing. We don’t want to have any connection to it at all.”

With the news that its aggregation platform has hit $5 billion in volume, DefiLlama dropped (2) hints regarding an imminent token airdrop that will take place. It’s interesting to note that the platform didn’t exist until January of this year.

The majority of DefiLlama contributors, however, did not agree with the choice to create the token, and they have publicly stated that they do not support it.

One individual using the alias 0xKofi expressed worry (3) regarding the possibility that the individual who registered DefiLlama’s Twitter and domain was working to forward the token launch agenda.

Even more significantly, the individual in question is acting in defiance of the consensus of the rest of the members of the team. Another developer of Llama Corp. projects, Tendeeno, recently posted the following on Twitter:

“To make a long story short, someone was preparing to launch a LLAMA coin without the agreement of even one member of the DeFiLlama team,”


A resolution is currently being worked on

It has been determined by Llama Corp., the parent company of DefiLlama, that there is no such thing as a takeover attempt.

According to a message made on the Round Up Telegram channel of the company, 0xngmi, and others are the ones who are trying to take control of the DefiLlama intellectual property and community while impersonating the person who actually owns it.

Notwithstanding this, the corporation has expressed that it is working toward a confidential and amicable resolution to the matter as quickly as feasible.

Charlie Watkins and Ben Hauser, who have both maintained a low profile throughout their careers, are the people who helped develop DefiLlama.

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