New Bitcoin and Lightning Network Development Courses Are Now Available in El Salvador

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The government of El Salvador has developed a brand new crypto program (1) just for its inhabitants. The Bitcoin Officer has made public an announcement regarding a brand new educational initiative that will run for a period of six months and be known as “CUBO+.”

This initiative will utilize the Salvadoran university system in an effort to produce Bitcoin and Lightning developers of the highest caliber.

The announcement states that the development classes for Bitcoin will begin in May and will consist of a relatively limited group of students who are under the age of 25 and who were picked from the top colleges in El Salvador.

The initial group of students will be selected from among those enrolled at Don Bosco University. They are going to take part in the first-ever Plan B Fellowship, which is being supported financially by Tether and Fulgur Ventures.

The proposal is a direct result of the recently concluded transaction between El Salvador and Lugano, Switzerland, for the establishment of the first Bitcoin Embassy in the latter location.

The identity of the Bitcoin expert who will be in charge of the program will be revealed in the very near future. High-level technical development, in particular for Bitcoin, as well as distributed technologies like Holepunch, Nostr, and Web5, will be covered in the classes.

The cost of the course will be covered by a stipend that will be provided to students who become eligible for the Plan B Fellowship and who participate in the program. The program will receive funding from private sources.


Details of the Crypto Course Program

After the first two months of the program, which will be completed online, there will be a two-week in-person boot camp in San Salvador, which will consist of intensive full-day classes and will last for two weeks. In the coming months, you will receive direct online mentoring from some of the most well-known figures in the Bitcoin community.

Yet, things have not been particularly straightforward for President Bukele and those who support his advocacy of Bitcoin. Since the government recognized Bitcoin as a valid form of currency in September 2021, the market for Bitcoin has been characterized by extended bouts of volatility.

Seventy-seven percent of Salvadorans, according to the findings of a survey conducted by the Central American University in October of the previous year, believed that adopting BTC would not be beneficial in any way for their country.

Bukele, on the other hand, has no intention of giving up his fixation on cryptocurrency. After receiving comparatively high popularity ratings from the citizens of Salvador, Bukele has decided to run for reelection to the presidency in the 2018 elections.

The information that was revealed described how the program will offer an architecture upon which others can use an open-source standard for advanced Bitcoin education.

Educational specialists are also helping to design the curriculum, which is intended to serve as a model for other countries to emulate.

Students who successfully complete these courses in El Salvador will be presented with numerous possibilities for continuing their journey with Bitcoin, including the opportunity to take a full-time job with a reputable Bitcoin company if they so desire.

There will also be the opportunity to pursue education or alternative business endeavors as alternate courses of action.

The project that President Nayib Bukele started while he was serving as Mayor of San Salvador is where the name “CUBO+” originated from.

As mayor, I oversaw the construction of new structures in areas of the city that were largely underdeveloped; these new facilities served as community centers and libraries to increase access to educational opportunities. The initiative aims to invigorate people to contribute to the development of El Salvador’s future.

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