Yahoo Hong Kong Will Introduce Pet-related NFTs

Yahoo Hong Kong Will Introduce Pet-related NFT Products

BetterMe Magazine, a Yahoo Hong Kong online publication, revealed on Monday that its first NFTs project, widely known as “City Frenchie,” will debut on July 21.

Many pet owners compare having a pet to having a child. They see their pets as a family member, so they should be treated with care and amusement.

In association with its online publication, Yahoo Hong Kong will release 100 NFTs featuring pet Frenchies as the topic. A fundamental brand pillar like sustainability, mental and physical wellbeing, culture, travel, and individuality will be expressed at the worldwide pet park NFTs, welcoming pets of all types, their owners, and other pet enthusiasts.

Each City Frenchie has its personality and interest. Therefore, users can demonstrate their affection for their furry friends in the metaverse by finding the NFT most closely resembling them.

“With aims to offer seamless, one-of-a-kind experiences to our users, Yahoo Hong Kong has been actively pursuing new opportunities as technology reshapes the world, our lives, and the way we connect with not only others but with information,”

said Matthew Chan, Head of Sales, Yahoo Hong Kong & China, in response to the development.

Yahoo Hong Kong’s top priorities include expanding our presence in the metaverse and NFTs. Through a collaboration with a local illustrator for BetterMe Magazine’s City Frenchie initiative, we aspire to deliver even more enjoyable and profitable experiences while supporting Hong Kong art.

BetterMe Magazine will donate a portion of its proceeds from the sale of each City Frenchie NFT to the Society for Abandoned Animals Limited (SAA) to help with the high costs of neglected, old, crippled, or unwell animals.

With the motto “no murdering, no abandoning,” SAA offers to provide such animals with a forever family or serve as their home until they pass away. City Frenchie NFT owners (digital collectors) can help these animals and get a chance to see the dogs in person at SAA.

1,105 City Frenchie NFTs, priced at HK$800, will be offered during the preorder on Artzioneer on August 1, according to Yahoo Hong Kong (payable by Mastercard or Visa). On August 8, the initial opening will happen.

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Providing Users with Access to Digital Worlds

To provide its consumers with extraordinary experiences, the branding is actively expanding its presence in the metaverse.

The most recent development follows Yahoo’s launch of several Metaverse & NFT-related events in the Decentraland metaverse last month to lure Hong Kong people online.

The California-based startup claims that these new metaverse opportunities allow Hong Kong citizens to maintain their social life while abiding with COVID-19 regulations.

Yahoo thinks that those who are isolated could be able to communicate with friends and relatives through the metaverse.

A few days after Meta on Facebook revealed significant intentions to deploy metaverse technology to Hong Kong, Yahoo made its Decentraland metaverse début.

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