Playboy’s ‘MetaMansion’ Will Be Open for the Public This Year! | Playboy’s Debut in Metaverse


The wildly successful Playboy Mansion will soon be available in Playboy’s Metaverse.

Liz Suman, the lead of Playboy’s Web3 team, recently revealed (1) at NFT Paris that the “Playboy MetaMansion” will be available to users during the current year.

Even individuals who are not a part of the magazine’s “Rabbitar” NFT-holding club will be able to access the digital space once it is released.

“That remains largely the case, while still going to open it in a manner incorporating The Sandbox’s group, maybe inducting other individuals with interest in web3 […] and attempting to make a space which is a venue for everybody,” wrote Decrypt on Twitter.

“It has been the strategy all along for the Rabbitars to be the VIPs of the MetaMansion experience,” said Suman.

In July of last year, Playboy announced its plans for the Metaverse, saying that the virtual world would feature live events and combine its talent and impact network.

Playboy’s participation in Web3 will continue to expand with the company’s entrance into the Metaverse.


NFTs of Playboy

In 2021, the corporation debuted its first NFT collection, showcasing its extensive photographic and artistic archival holdings.

After that, it launched the Rabbitar avatars NFT collection, which comprised 11,953 different 3D rabbit characters.

As per Suman, only Rabbitar NFT owners can have entry to the “awesome spots” in the virtual world that has not yet been released, but access to the virtual world itself will be free to everyone.

Suman could only verify that the company plans to debut the MetaMansion this year, but could not provide a date for the launch.

She also stated that traditional media should take a “deeper look” look at what the Metaverse may offer.

She stated that a decision should not be made now because “a lot of things are changing and moving in real-time” and “I think it’s too soon to have a verdict. There is a significant possibility for narratives that do not adhere to the norm, which fascinates me the most.

Also present at NFT Paris was Adidas, where a representative from the company’s Web3 team said that the athletic apparel manufacturer would “scope out” token-gated sneaker drops.

The company is not new to Web3; in December 2021, it made its first NFT purchase, a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT.

After that, it released its debut “Into the Metaverse” collection, which consisted of 30,000 NFTs. Thanks to the drop, a total of $23.4 million was made in a single evening.

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