Gaming Giant Nexon Deals With Polygon for its MapleStory Web3 Launch

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Polygon has been chosen by the South Korean video game conglomerate Nexon to handle the Web3 connectivity of its MapleStory World.

Reports indicate that the video game publisher with headquarters in Tokyo intends to establish (1) a Polygon supernet in order to provide support for the in-game content associated with MapleStory Universe.

According to recent reports, the well-known non-fungible token (NFT) game will rely on the private supernet in order to fulfill the demanding standards of online gaming.

One of the most successful games published by Nexon, MapleStory currently has a player base of over 180 million registered accounts.

The two-dimensional side-scrolling game intends to attract a more diverse group of players by submitting it to Web3 with its very own polygonal supernet.

A Polygon supernet is a blockchain stack that can be customized, is conducive to flexibility, and can be extended. This stack gives developers the ability to create unique networks for current applications.

The current version of MapleStory’s in-game currency is used whenever players buy, sell, or trade items with one another.

The Polygon supernet, on the other hand, will make it easier for users to acquire and collect non-fictional items through games. These goods have the potential to unlock a wide variety of additional benefits and utilities located across the MapleStory environment.

After the announcement that Nexon is partnering with Polygon, MATIC has seen a 5.5% increase.

At yesterday’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Nexon broke the news about the upcoming partnership between MapleStory and Polygon.

In the meantime, the value of Polygon’s native MATIC coin increased as a result of the announcement made by one of the most successful game companies in Asia. The Ethereum-based virtual money has seen its value increase by 5.5% over the past twenty-four hours.

The leader of the MapleStory Universe Group, Hwang Sun-young, offered some commentary on the progress being made with Polygon. He said:

Building on Polygon is an exciting step for us because it will allow us to contribute to the growth of the NFT ecosystem envisaged by MapleStory Universe. The game’s development and marketing will be carried out in close collaboration with the staff at Polygon Labs.

Polygon Labs Vice President of the Global Gaming and Platform Business, Urvit Goel

The development of things also had an impact on the development. Goel also stated the following while pointing out that the future game’s supernet will provide Nexon with its very own “dedicated app chain”:

“[Nexon and its intended supernet] have the capability to scale in a way that scaling on a shared blockchain is not possible. Because the game and the intellectual property are so expansive, they have a really broad vision about how many trades they think they’ll do each day.


About MapleStory

In 2003, Nexon released MapleStory, which has since become one of the company’s most important products. The Japanese-South Korean gaming powerhouse has a tremendous following for this title, which has helped it generate an income of over $4 billion since its release.

MapleStory made the announcement about the MapleStory Universe in the year 2022. However, the company has not yet disclosed a definitive release date.

However, Goel has previously clarified that there would be no NFT presales for the game, meaning that any in-game microtransactions would be rendered null and void.

Instead, by just playing MapleStory Universe, users have the opportunity to acquire things through the use of NFTs.

MapleStory Universe will be a game that focuses on NFTs, and as such, it will have many tokenized assets that players will be able to trade or transfer thru an in-game marketplace.

In addition, Nexon intends for the Universe to someday have its own specialized cryptocurrency, but the specifics have not yet been worked out.

“We plan on issuing our own unique coin, and specific specifics regarding this will be given later with our tokenomics,” the game company added. “Our tokenomics will also provide additional information on this.”

In other news, the President of Polygon Labs, Ryan Wyatt, stated that South Korea is a crucial market for Web3 gaming.

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