Coinbase CEO Reveals 10 Game-Changing Ideas to Bridge Income Inequality

  • Armstrong presents a proposition for an on-chain capital formation system that aims to enhance transparency and promote inclusivity in the fundraising process, hence enabling the global empowerment of entrepreneurs.
  • Flatcoin is an innovative decentralized stablecoin that effectively mitigates inflationary pressures and ensures economic stability by closely monitoring the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  • The concept of on-chain reputation draws inspiration from Google’s PageRank algorithm, which involves assigning reputation scores to addresses. This approach aims to bolster confidence and mitigate instances of fraudulent activities.
  • The introduction of smart contracts in the advertising industry is revolutionizing the sector by enhancing transparency and accountability, as demonstrated by the implementation of on-chain ads.
  • The Job/Task Marketplace is a platform that utilizes cryptocurrency as its foundation, providing individuals with alternative employment alternatives and facilitating cross-border payments.
  • This paper aims to explore the concept of privacy in Layer 2 solutions, specifically focusing on the enhancement of transactional efficiency and secrecy through the implementation of private transactions.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges are decentralized platforms that operate entirely on the blockchain. These exchanges offer escrow services and utilize smart contracts to facilitate dispute resolution. By doing so, they present a viable alternative that is resistant to censorship.
  • The process of tokenization of real-world assets involves the conversion of traditionally illiquid assets into digital tokens, hence enhancing their liquidity and accessibility in the market.
  • The concept of on-chain gaming involves the establishment of genuine ownership for in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs), hence cultivating persistent virtual landscapes that include tangible economies.
  • The software designed for network states encompasses a range of tools that facilitate the management of many aspects like as governance, voting, taxation, and services inside growing economic zones. These tools are specifically designed to correspond with decentralized governance models.


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