A Whale Offloaded 500 Moonbird NFTs at 700 ETH Loss on BLUR Marketplace

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

The whale account has completely liquidated all of its Moonbirds NFTs, resulting in losses of up to 32% of their value on its investments.

An Ethereum whale account managed to unload a staggering 500 non-fungible tokens belonging to the Moonbirds collection over the course of the previous weekend.

The results, on the other hand, suggest that the whale wound up suffering losses that ranged anywhere from 9 to 33 percent.

The Ethereum whale transacted the sale of 500 Moonbirds NFTs in several separate lots. According to the available information, a batch of 200 Moonbirds NFTs went for a larger than 32 percent loss.

According (1) to NFTTrack, all transactions were conducted on the NFT platform Blur, and the total losses are at least 700 ether.

Sold Moonbirds. Source: NFTTracker (1.1)


Currently, the address in issue no longer holds any NFTs because the amount of ether it possesses is less than 0.001 ETH, equivalent to $1.21 USD.

The minimum price of the Moonbirds NFTs experienced a steep decline of an astounding 27% in the previous 24 hours, shortly after the sale was completed. Colin Wu, a well-known cryptocurrency analyst, reported (2):

“The Moonbirds NFT whale address (address: 0xb8…551a) started selling its Moonbirds NFT on Blur as the liquidation process began. It has successfully liquidated 500 Moonbirds but has sustained a loss of around 719.49 ETH.

Over the course of the previous twenty-four hours, the trading volume of Monnbirds was greater than 5,500 ETH, while the floor price decreased by 23.86% to 4.66 ETH.

Nonetheless, several investors and enthusiasts have reacted positively to the whale’s decision to sell, stating that the subsequent decrease in floor price provided them with an opportunity to acquire Moonbirds, which are non-fungible tokens.


Moonbird Non-Farm Transfers and the Blur Marketplace

Moonbirds is now considered a “blue-chip” NFT and made news last year when a single Moonbirds NFT was sold for the astounding price of 350 ether, equivalent to one million dollars.

The introduction of Moonbirds NFTs sparked widespread enthusiasm among consumers, which resulted in sales totaling $292 million in just the first two days after the launch.

Its library of 10,000 Ethereum-based NFTs features one-of-a-kind owl avatars with uncommon characteristics such as mohawks, eye patches, and fiery eyes.

PROOF is the underlying entity that was responsible for launching the non-fungible tokens for Moonbirds.

Since then, Moonbirds have also been prompt about participating in fundraising activities.

Moreover, NFT Marketplace Blur was founded in 2017 and has already amassed more than 11 million dollars since the company’s inception.

The Blur NFT Marketplace also became well-known in a relatively short amount of time and quickly replaced OpenSea as the leading marketplace. It did this by leaving behind competitors like OpenSea.

The BLUR native token was airdropped to users of the Blur NFT marketplace at the beginning of the previous month. Users will have the chance to participate in the Blur market’s governance if they have this token.

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