Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork Date is Here

The date of the Cardano [ADA] Vasil upgrade has long been disclosed, following many months of rumors and conjecture. As reported by Input Output, the upgrade is scheduled to take place on September 22nd.

This statement came after ADA creator Charles Hoskinson stated on August 26 that the ADA project was awaiting exchanges to get everything in line before making any further announcements. As a result of the development, all exchanges were required to pull the switch on the updating procedures immediately.

After the news broke, the business responsible for the development, Input Output, stated that they had reached the end of the testing phase. In addition, the organization elaborated on the developers’ preparedness to fulfill the requirements set forth by the ADA community.


Cardano Will Finally Shine

Although several postponements had held up the much-anticipated event, Input Output reaffirmed that it would deliver significant advantages to the ADA ecosystem.

In conclusion, the Vasil update would enable Cardano’s network to function more effectively while simultaneously lowering the cost of individual transactions. Following the listing of ADA on the Robinhood investment platform came this announcement.

The upgrade allows developers to construct superior decentralized applications by utilizing the ADA ecosystem, and this opportunity is made available thanks to the upgrade. It would appear as though these developers do not want to hold off on getting started till the upgrade is finished.

Following Essential Cardano, the network’s number of projects has been steadily rising. According to the most recent data, construction on at least one new project occurred every day throughout August.

As a result, the overall number of completed projects increased to 1,076 by August, up from 1,045 at the month’s end in July. In addition, the number had increased to 1,082 since those few days in September. These activities took place during the past week and entailed 49.1 million transactions and six million native tokens.

The amount of work done on the ADA has significantly slowed down, even though the number of projects being worked on has increased. The data from Santiment showed that the decline has been happening since the 31st of August. The decline would not come as a surprise, given that Cardano had already indicated that it would be slowing down development and getting ready for the finishing touches.

On the other hand, it appeared that Cardano conducted most of the work between the 23rd and the 30th of August. Concerning the active addresses it uses, there has been a reply. At the time of publication, the number of active addresses in the ADA 24-hour database had climbed to 63,183.

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